“A passionate educator and budding artist, Pin Lay has been an inspiring supporter since 2009. Pin Lay is also a person of excellence and outdoes herself at every project she has had for World Vision. She is wholeheartedly committed to helping the world's poorest children through World Vision."

Foo Pek Hong CEO World Vision International

“Pin Lay’s art has progressed immensely since she first started painting 7 years ago. She has evolved her own unique style of Chinese-styled painting with water colours. It is a joy to see each new painting she does.”

Yee Jenn Jong, Non Constituency Member of Parliament and co-Founder, 360 Education Pte Ltd

"Pin Lay was introduced to me as an artist who painted for charity and whose work had a keen following.  She kindly agreed to donate a painting for auction at our fundraiser at Eden Hall in September 2014.  I was most pleasantly surprised that she had composed a painting specifically for our cause, one which was especially meaningful and came with an artist statement.  She also donated a smaller piece. She is an artist who not only paints with tremendous love and passion for art but she also paints with great compassion.  Her work blends the Chinese ink and brush medium with contemporary subjects  and her paintings are now recognizable with her signature style.  We are grateful to Pin Lay for helping to make our event so successful.”

Shirley Low, Member of the Board of Governors, Singapore National Paralympic Council Ltd.

“Pin Lay's art comes from deep within her, a space filled compassion for the underprivileged, respect for humanity, and love for her roots and heritage. I'm honoured to be taught by her in school, and I continue to learn from her dedication to using her art to make the world a better place.”

Terence QUEK, CEO, Emergenetics International-Asia and Co-founder, Project Happy Feet

(my ex-SJI student too:)

“Meeting and partnering with a World Vision supporter like Pin Lay reinforces the message of Hope.  As a former World Vision sponsored child who have received a gift of Hope from a child sponsor, I feel deeply privileged to reach this point where I get to see both ends of child sponsorship - from my community of sponsored children to a community of child sponsors.  Pin Lay always reminds me that in giving the giver and the receiver both share that opportunity to give something to each other, and that what makes giving life-changing."

Ethel Pajao, a former sponsored child and now Assistant Manager, Donor Engagement, World Vision Singapore