Pattern Liao Liao Art Exhibition

Theme: Pattern Liao Liao

Dates: 3 - 5 May 2013

Opening: 3 May@8pm-10pm

4 and 5 May: 10am - 8pm

Venue: @Ecosystem Singapore,

No. 3 Jalan Kledek Singapore 199259

You are invited to Pin Lay’s first solo art exhibition,  “Pattern Liao Liao”, a playful interpretation of Chinese ink and Watercolor made possible by the grace of God and gracious friends who believed in what she is doing for World Vision. 50% of all proceeds will go towards helping poor children in the Area Development Programmes from World Vision Singapore. Pin Lay hopes that art can be made affordable and enjoyed by the every day man or woman. “Pattern Liao Liao” is Art for the rest of us. Though very much a geek and nerd at heart, she wants to use this art exhibition to bring out the beauty of using Chinese ink in a contemporary manner. Her art is playful and light-hearted, at times seemingly childlike.


3 May (Fri) 8.30pm: Hear first hand from Ethel, a former sponsored child, how World

Vision has changed her life. Ethel is now a foreign talent in Singapore, contributing in

her own unique ways

4 May (Sat) 2pm: Learn to write your first word of  福 from Pin Lay

4 May (Sat) 4pm: Hear from Ju Hu, how and why he started Ecosystem

5 May (Sun) 2pm: Hear from Pin Lay how she started her amazing Journey in ink

5 May (Sun) 4pm: Learn to write 福 from Pin Lay

“Hope you enjoy the pix as much as I enjoyed painting them.

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About Pattern Liao Liao Art Exhibition

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Day 1

3 May 2013

Day 2

4 May 2013

Day 3

5 May 2013